Pentium IV 3000MHz III: Raydiosity

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So I put myself to work very carefully, stayed designing on paper and CASE tools the Raydiosity engine about 2 months before starting writing a single line of C++. Raydiosity engine is a path tracer and was linked with no library except standard C++ basic libraries so everything on it is built from scratch. The engine was prepared to be executed on any number of computers at the same time and on each computer any number of instances of the engine could be launched simultaneously. Everything was controled with a front-end. Most of the renders were synthesised with a K7 (1 Raydiant instance) and a P4 (2 Raydiant instances). It took 6 months to get the engine working. I prefer equations and algorithms to hand-made mouse design so a great amount of effort has been put on the geometry and texture procedural API. Almost without exception all Raydiosity renders use exclusively procedural entities. Wanted to translate to reality some images I had in my mind to share them with friends, here they are:

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