Intimacity lab tests

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I keep experimenting with Intimacity set. So many possibilities and so much fun. These are just a few samples. Also a coil of mirror spheres I found to be nice. It’s a big help to be able to walk in real time trough all this scenarios using the Raydiant engine then just take ‘photographs’ of the views you like. Furthermore, even I’m the one who built these scenario, it’s procedural so the exploration really satisfies my curiosity. The render speed of the Raydiant engine greatly facilitates the process.

Intimacity inner workings

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I’m currently working on a new procedural render called Intimacity (accent should be put on the ‘a’ letter). It is a maze-city-like structure generated using the procedural API of the Raydiant engine. These are test renders of the city that shows a hint of what the basic idea is. I find these geometric-non-periodic-but-simetric arrangement very soothing and comforting. It is based on Alberto’s Maze function (see this post if you wish).

Improved reeditions with Raydiant

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As part of the initial work phase for Raydiant some scenes from the Raydiosity engine have been rerendered at very high resolution (30 to 64 megapixel) so they can be printed at large sizes ( Here is a preview (these are scaled down versions, still far better quality than achieved with the old Raydiosity engine):

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