Improved reeditions with Raydiant

2010-04-13 at 17:08 | Posted in Computer path | 5 Comments
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As part of the initial work phase for Raydiant some scenes from the Raydiosity engine have been rerendered at very high resolution (30 to 64 megapixel) so they can be printed at large sizes ( Here is a preview (these are scaled down versions, still far better quality than achieved with the old Raydiosity engine):


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  1. they look really cool

  2. Alberto,

    Deja de pasarlo bomba haciendo escenas matemáticas de 60 megapixelswatioshertzios, e implementa ya un importador de renderman, 3ds max, lightwave o algún formato profesional para tu motor. Mira que llevo años pinchandote y no lo consigo… :-)))

    La calidad del motor es COJONUDO y si es tan rápido como dices, te veo vendiendolo a PIXAR/DISNEY…A ver si te forras y nos jubilas a todos…

    Un abraxoooooooooooo fenómeno,


    • Thousand thanks Fernando! a lot of i7 and human brain cycles had been invested in this venture, positive feedback from such an awesome engineer like you gives great support. Lately many people have been asking for that mesh import module for raydiant engine. I guess the time is coming 🙂 , but not yet because right now I’m having so much fun with a new procedural virtual image I’m working on (it’s called… ‘Intimacity’), may be after that…

  3. I love the render in the middle. Looks almost like a sort of desert rose or cut mineral. Really cool stuff. I like your blog!

    • Thanks, that’s also one of my flavourites

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