Intimacity inner workings

2010-04-18 at 12:03 | Posted in Computer path | 2 Comments
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I’m currently working on a new procedural render called Intimacity (accent should be put on the ‘a’ letter). It is a maze-city-like structure generated using the procedural API of the Raydiant engine. These are test renders of the city that shows a hint of what the basic idea is. I find these geometric-non-periodic-but-simetric arrangement very soothing and comforting. It is based on Alberto’s Maze function (see this post if you wish).


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  1. Those renders are really cool. They kind of remind me of that video arcade marble game whose name I’ve forgotten, or some sort of ultra-complicated 3D chess board! A good combo of symmetry and variation to stimulate the mind.

    • I’m little happier now 🙂
      By the way the game was Marble Madness

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