The opposite river bank, zooms » zoom_up_left



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  1. I’m speechless!Your work is so unique until the point it sometimes frustrate me,i didn’t met yet any programmer who is able to make abtract 3 dimentional art as what you’re doing (expect lycium).My thoughts about you are the following:
    1) You’re an absolute genius.
    2) (in case ‘1’) is not true) you’ve been studying graphics programming since you were a child.

    I hope one day i can reach your level of expertise.
    Thank you very much for sharing your work.

    • My pleasure, it is very nice to see my work being useful to inspire good programers like you.
      I can confirm your assumption number 2. I started with a 3.5Mhz 8 bit computer, it’s still working.
      Real procedural art is only possible through a deep understanding of the underlying algorithm, so is responsibility of coders like you to show the world what has been always there inside maths.

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