The king of the potato people does let me

2010-08-24 at 18:14 | Posted in Computer path | 1 Comment
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Firstly, this picture is an evolution of ‘The king of the potato people won’t let me’ (which you can see in the ‘Art’ tab of this blog). This new version has been rendered using the new Raydiant engine. It has much better quality (36 megapixel) so it can be printed at large sizes with high fidelity. This also allows for the potato people to be seen in better detail. And this is the kind of image that needs to be seen on big formats to be enjoyed. Has plenty of mysterious little ester eggs buried all along its green maze. The procedural generation of this image has led to the debugging of several pretty nasty and hard to find bugs on Raydiant, which is now more stable and also appreciably faster than before. May be I’ll post a real time interactive exploration demo for Linux (which is already working well in Raydiant). This picture has extended life time once printed, you can easily spend hours visually exploring its extremely detailed maze. Here are some zooms:

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  1. That’s the whole new world you have created down there!

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